Sega’s fifth Make War Not Love event lets you play a bunch of PC strategy games for free to win prizes

Sega has launched its fifth annual Make War Not Love event, offering the opportunity to play a number of its biggest PC strategy games free for a limited time, as well as the chance to win a bunch of freebies for keeps – all through Steam.

This year’s Make War Not Love kicks off tomorrow, February 14th, at 9am GMT, and runs until 9am GMT on Monday February 19th. You’ll be able to download and play Endless Space 2, Total War: Warhammer 2, Dawn of War 3, and Company of Heroes 2 for free during that time.

There’s a slight, competitive twist, however; each day, Sega will post a “daily hour target”, and if the combined playtime of all participants on that day manages to match or beat the target, the publisher will release a bundle of content directly into players’ Steam libraries. This might include a free Sega game, DLC or discount coupons.


You’ll need to register on the Make War Not Love website in order to participant in the event, so that Sega can accurately track your play hours. Participants must be over 18, and have a valid Steam ID and email address. As an added incentive, you’ll automatically get two free Sega Mega Drive titles just for signing up.

Alongside the main event, Sega is holding a Make War Not Love sale, which is on now and will run until 6pm GMT on February 19th. The four main event games are all discounted – there’s 10% off Total War: Warhammer 2, 50% off Endless Space 2, 75% off Company of Heroes 2, and 66% off Dawn of War 3 – plus there are additional saving on a range of other Sega strategy titles and special daily bundles.

If you’re interested, more details can be found on the Make War Not Love Steam page.

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