Splatoon 2’s main stars are getting their own amiibo

Splatoon 2’s superstars Pearl And Marina are getting their own amiibo in the not-too-distant future, with the two members of fictional band Off the Hook soon to be immortalised in plastic.

Well, I say fictional band – Off the Hook made their first live appearance this weekend just gone, with a performance at this year’s Niconico Tokaigi in Chiba seeing the characters come to life for attendant fans. It was, as you might have expected, just about everything.

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The amiibo will come as a pair at an undislosed date later this year.

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Meanwhile, Splatoon 2 goes from strength to strength with another new map – Goby Arena, a basketball-themed space – due to land soon. Elsewhere, the latest Splatfest continued to serve out justice when it comes to the key issues in life, with team Gherk-out – those who prefer their burgers without pickles – triumphing in a clean sweep over their deluded opposites. Good work, all.

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