$24 GTA 5 Headlines Rockstar Sale On Razer PC Game Store

Razer has a PC game store now, and this week it has a bunch of 2K and Rockstar games on sale for your frugal enjoyment. The discounted prices here tend to be a few bucks lower than the sale prices you’ll find at other retailers, so it’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re in the market for a game. Just make sure to act in the next few days, because the sale ends on April 20.

First up is Grand Theft Auto V, which is on sale for $24. That’s a great price, seeing as it usually only dips down to $30. If you’re sure you’re going to want some in-game currency for Grand Theft Auto Online, you can get the Great White Bundle for $49. It comes with GTA V (which contains GTA Online) as well as 1.25 million GTA dollars.

Other GTA games on sale include $9 for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, which collects all three games that originally launched on PS2, and Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, which includes the story DLC, also for $9. To sum it up, you can buy every GTA game since part 3 on for $42. Not a bad price for some of the most important games of the millennium.

If you want to venture outside of GTA land, you’ll find LA Noire for $9 and Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition for $10. Bully: Scholarship Edition is also on sale for $5.

Publisher 2K has many other games on sale, including BioShock: The Collection for $18. Mafia III is discounted to $16, or $21 if you want the season pass thrown in as well.

Fans of sports and sports entertainment may want to pick up NBA 2K18 for $36, or WWE 2K18 for $30. If tactics and strategy are more your speed, you can grab XCOM 2 for $18 or Civilization VI for $24.

Those are some of the highlights. To see the full list of games on sale, head to the Razer Game Store.

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